BR&U Social Media and School Reputation (Part One)

Brand? Reputation? Footprint? Klout? As online social spaces accelerate almost exponentially across a whole range of environments, the concept of “brand” could very well be the driving force that shapes online culture as 2014 unfolds. Almost exclusively the territory of commerce and advertising in previous years, and very often linked to commodity and corporate identity,[…]

When Social Media gets personal …

It was a dark and stormy night. Actually, it wasn’t. It was a cold, empty windswept Plymouth railway station platform just before midnight in October. Seated on a hard and spartan bench waiting for the Riviera Sleeper to Paddington. Now I know that sounds so Orient Express; very ornate, cosmopolitan and the height of chic;[…]

Parents! Be brave, draw the line in the sand and step into your child’s online life.

A few years ago, the US psychologist Marc Prensky referred to the perceived gap between parents and their children when it came to technology. He used the phrases “Digital Natives” and “Digital Immigrants”: “natives” have grown up with technology and have a whole language and culture based around it whilst “immigrants” struggle to learn the[…]

Social Care and Online Safety: plugging the gap in awareness and understanding

Social Care and Online Safety:  plugging the gap in awareness and understanding The impact of technology on the lives of children and young people today is immense. On the whole it is empowering: it provides platforms for communication and collaboration which lift a young person beyond their own geography and culture; it underpins much of[…]

Budgies, foul-language and e-learning: tenets for improvement

Simple questions are often the most difficult to answer. A week or two ago I was fortunate enough to work with an “outstanding” Agricultural FE College in Kent. Being a city lad (and a scouser at that) I was of course impressed with the size of the campus and the excellent facilities but completely bowled-over by their[…]

Sexting:don’t do it! …But what if I have?

Preventative messages are important. After all, prevention is better that a cure, this we know. And the best way to avoid risk becoming harm is to manage that risk in a way that is intelligent and predictive. Preventative messages help reduce road accidents, help educate and reduce the number of teenage pregnancies and reduce the[…]

Whiskey, Ofsted and E-safety; a recipe for effective practice

A battle-scarred educator once offered me his measured opinion over the last single malt of the evening at some god-forsaken conference in some god-forsaken hotel at some god-forsaken hour. “There are only two ways to get schools to do anything; inspect it or stick it in a league table”, he smiled …before passing wind and passing[…]

Online Safety; making consultancy work

360 degree safe, the on-line safety self review tool for schools has proved to be a real success for us here at South West Grid for Learning. With nearly 3000 schools now using the tool and a growing number achieving the associated “E-safety Mark“, it is remarkable how something we developed to standardise our consultancy judgements grew into what is now[…]