The Evolution of Digital Literacy

The replacement of SWGfL’s current Digital Literacy Curriculum resource with its comprehensive and innovative programme ProjectEVOLVE, due for release in mid-Autumn 2019. It’s complicated We find ourselves in a world where information drives society and for many media businesses, it’s a valuable commodity. In the centuries before us it was coal; iron; cotton; oil: now[…]

Growing Up Social

Thousands of years of human social evolution have seen the human race evolve complex linguistic and physical systems to enable communication with each other: vocabulary; intonation; body language; facial expression; gestures; eye contact; skin flushing. And they differentiate across the planet according to culture, belief, experience and custom. These evolved, sometimes innate, finely tuned behaviours[…]

Bursting the Bubble: why Online Safety Education needs to EVOLVE

Introduction   Since the release of the Byron Report in 2008 and the subsequent Government action plan that saw the creation of the UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS), online safety has been a significant area that remains at the heart of child protection within the UK. It is becoming increasingly apparent that technology[…]

Waving silently: technology and self-harm

The following blog is long; it needed to be. It is an article written for “Every Child Journal” a subscription educational publication part of the Imaginative Minds Group. I have attempted to explore self-harm in the context of online behaviour; what research currently tells us; current expert opinion from those who support children and young people with self-harm and[…]

Risk and Harm? There is a difference …

Sexting? Pornography? Revenge porn? Cyberbullying? Trolling? Self-harm? Stalking? Young people’s use of online technology may look as though it is a new and unprecedented challenge, but one thing history teaches us is “ever has it been thus”. Around 400 BC, Socrates wrote: “Our youth now love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for authority; they[…]

Picture Perfect; creating the right image.

“A picture is worth a thousand words” as the saying goes, so it is no accident that image search services like Google Images and Bing Image search are so popular amongst schools: an unlimited library of content that adds meaning and impact to publications and presentations. And there lies the dilemma. By dipping randomly into[…]

BR&U Social Media and School Reputation (Part One)

Brand? Reputation? Footprint? Klout? As online social spaces accelerate almost exponentially across a whole range of environments, the concept of “brand” could very well be the driving force that shapes online culture as 2014 unfolds. Almost exclusively the territory of commerce and advertising in previous years, and very often linked to commodity and corporate identity,[…]