The world is a big place …

World at Your FingertipsThe world is a big place and a first dive into the internet and in particular social media like Facebook or Twitter, puts the world and its inhabitants at your fingertips. It’s a very powerful feeling and there are great opportunities to be creative, funny, clever, interesting and likeable.

With these new opportunities comes responsibility too, not only to keep your self safe from any harm but also those around you too. Just as you would for any other adventure, make sure you are equipped for the journey and be prepared to make the right decisions.

On social media build up your friend lists with those that you know and trust. Better still create “friends groups” so you can talk differently to different groups, not just the same message to everyone.

If something makes you feel uncomfortable back away from it: end the conversation, block them and then tell someone who can help

Give yourself some time away from being online; too much of anything is a bad thing

If you use online services, try to keep the information you have on them safe. Passwords are a lot more important now than they ever were as they secure the gateway to where your stuff is. Create a strong password that is hard to guess and, like door keys, keep them to yourself.

If somebody posts or says things about you that you don’t like ask them to remove it. If they won’t, then ask your social media provider to remove it. You can challenge stuff that you don’t like.

Make sure your online presence is one that people admire and trust by being positive and a valuable and trustworthy online friend. It will help keep you safer and will also be what people see when they search for you online. Important if you are trying to impress a future boss or university

The world is a big place and most people in it are good. Make sure your online life is a good one too.

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